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SHABRAN-D MMC - (Installation of system of automatic watering)
SHABRAN-D MMC - (Installation of system of automatic watering): Wellbeing of garden entirely depends on leaving which most part is made by the correct watering. The small site can be watered from watering can or from hose. But how to arrive if the country plot occupies more than six hundred parts?...
Group: Services of installation of automatic irrigation systems
SHABRAN-D MMC - (Watering of a garden)
SHABRAN-D MMC - (Watering of a garden): Life of plants depends on timely watering of a garden. Where there is no water — to plants very difficultly to survive. Watering of a garden is especially important in hot, droughty weather. It is necessary to water a garden seldom, but it is plentiful:...
Group: Watering the garden


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